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May 8th is our Salute to Mothers and Grandmothers

May 15th we play Award Winning bands, songs and albums from the past 30 some years

May 22nd we salute 20 years of The Maestro's Men

May 29th - Our Last Show - We play all of our favorite songs of all time


Polka Weekends and Festivals

Polka Dances, Festivals, Concerts & Events by Polka

Polish Community Association of Maryland  - Maryland's Polish Festival

Polka Band Schedules and links to other polka sites

Stay with us at The Sandcastlr in Rehoboth for Polkamotion 2017.  More info April 2017

Tributes To The Bands

The Boys Live in Wheeling, WVA May 5, 2012 video 1

The Boys Live in Wheeling, WVA May 5, 2012 video 2

Mike Surratt Tribute Video 1 May 20, 2012 (sorry it started late) Click link above to read the Poem.

Mike Surratt Tribute Video 2 May 20, 2012

Henny and the Versa J's @ 7-Springs, July 4, 2010 featuring Ryan and Dee Dee - A Place In The Choir

Listen to our Christmas KolendyShow

Ray Jay/Versa J's Anniversary Polka Cruise Pictures

4th Annual Ultimate Polka Cruise Pictures

Polkamotion By The Ocean - Rehoboth Beach DE - 2009 Pictures

Henryk Sienkiewicz Polonia Library Baltimore, Maryland

A blog for the Polka community

Family Polka Program History and Happenings

Polish American Arts Association

Our personal website with pictures of camping, cruising and more!

Jay's resume



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